7 Interesting facts in science

7 Interesting facts in science

Science: is a discipline used to discover how things exist in the universe and how they work. The knowledge we get from science is powerful and reliable. We can use science to develop new techs, medicine, solve problems like hunger, drought, and all that. Due to science, we have cars, airplanes, ships, computers, and machines making life easy compared to the old days.

1. Did you know Camels’ humps are not for water storage?

Camels can drink 113L of water in 14 minutes. The water will be stored in their bloodstream and not in their humps. Humps store fat that provides nourishment when food is scanty.

2. Our weight on Earth varies from our weight on the moon.

When moon gravity is compared to Earth’s gravity, moon gravity is only a 6th of someone who weighs 68kg on Earth. He or she will weigh 11kg. The main reason why moon gravity is low is that moon mass is one percent the mass of Earth. The weight of objects on different planets varies. For example, on Jupiter, it will be much more compared to other planets.

3. The body of an adult is made up of 206 bones.

Our body skeleton is made up of 206 bones, while infant skeletons consist of 270 bones. The smallest bone is the stirrup, the innermost of three bones in the middle ear; the femur is the longest and strongest. The second-largest bone is the tibia which is in the lower leg. Baby bones fuse as their bodies grow.

4. The DNA in an adult can stretch from the sun to Pluto 17 times.

Our genome contains 23 DNA molecules of which contains five hundred thousand to 2.5 million nucleotide pairs. DNA molecules of this size if coiled are 1.7 to 8.5 cm. If uncoiled, they stretch up to a 5cm average range. There are thirty seventrillion cells in our body, so when they are put together uncoiled, the length will be 37 trillion by 5 cm. It’s said that the length is enough to cover 17 trips to Pluto from the sun.

5. A person can walk around the world five times throughout his or her lifetime.

If a person takes 7500 steps every day and can live to 80 years, he o she can walk around the Earth 5 times. That’s if he or she maintains the 7500 steps every single day.

6. Killer whales are a dolphin

Killer whales (orcas) are the largest number of cute dolphins. According to science, orcas are whales, as delphinids are Cetacean in the whale suborder (Odontoceti). Orcas will be grouped as a dolphin because they have a fat deposit that assists them in echolocation. The fat deposit is only found on dolphins. Orcas are intelligent where they have adapted and can communicate mostly when they are hunting. They are fast when it comes to swimming-54kph.

7. No human can taste food without saliva.

For you to feel the taste of any delicacy, the chemical components must dissolve within the saliva for you to taste it. Once dissolved in the saliva, the tongue receptors will detect new chemicals on taste buds.

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