5 interesting facts about dog

5 interesting facts about dog

A domestic dog is considered as subspecies of Canis familiaris or wolf and member of a genus called canis. A dog is a terrestrial carnivore that is closely connected to wolves, which were first domesticated. In addition, it was the first animal to be domesticated by early men and have been bred for physical characteristics, behaviors, and sensory abilities. In the past, dogs helped early man to improve cleanliness by eating food scraps, providing warmth and security from predators.

They have associated with human beings for long and have attuned uniquely to human behavior. Dogs have different colors, sizes, and shapes. Moreover, they play roles for human beings such as herding, hunting, military, protection, aid people with disabilities, companionship, and pulling loads. It is right to conclude that dogs have influenced relationships with humans hence have become a man’s best friend.


1. Dogs survived during titanic

The titanic ship sank on 15th April 1912 in the Atlantic Ocean after four days journey from Southampton to New York City. Titanic had 2,224 people on board when she hit an iceberg that caused the sinking. The sinking took two hours and forty minutes at 05:18 GMT. It caused over 1500 people to die and marked as the deadliest marine accident in the whole history. The ship had received a warning of ice but traveled on her maximum speed. She was not able to turn fast when the iceberg was spotted; hence got a blow that resulted in the opening of 16 compartments. Three dogs survived during the sinking of the ship. Research shows that dogs were in first class, and one owner escaped with it in a wrapped blanket. The other two dogs were rescued.

2. Have three eyelids

Eyelids are thin skins fold, which protects and covers the eye. Also, it protects the eye from foreign debris, dust, and perspiration. Dogs are born with three eyelids, including the upper lid, lower, and the third one is on the inner corner below the lower lid. The eyelid is called the nictitating membrane, and they vary in sizes and breeds of dog. The lid has different pigmentation whereby some dogs have clear ones, while others have cloudy lids.

3. Some dogs do not bark

Did you know that all dogs do not bark? Some dog’s breeds were not meant to bark. Dogs have different personalities, just like humans beings, and some are calm while others are not. For instance, corgis are a breed of sheep, and cattle thus have no barking inside their blood. Another dog is called basenji, and this breed has been named barkless because it yodels. Basenji originated from central Africa as a hunting dog.

4. The best lifeguards are Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a dog that originated from Newfoundland as a working dog of fishermen. In the past, people who went fishing were escorted with the dog for rescue. They are quiet and the best dogs for guarding. They have excellent features for saving people from drowning from their swimming abilities, webbed feet, and muscular body.

5. Dogs have a wet nose

A sense of smell is essential for a dog. The nose is held high, unlike human beings who mostly depend on vision. Dogs depend on both vision and smell. These wet noses help dogs keep coll, see and smell better. Furthermore, the wet nose assists them to absorb chemical scent. After absorbing, they link the nose and determine the scent.

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