5 interesting facts about dolphin

5 interesting facts about dolphin

Dolphin is referred to as water mammals in the order called cetacea. The dolphin families include oceanic dolphins(Delphinidae), modern world river dolphins( inside), brackish dolphins ( pontoporiidae), Chinese or baiji dolphins ( Leporidae), and Indian river dolphins(platanistidae). These mammals range from the length of 5.6ft, 110lb like Maui dolphin to 31ft, 11 tons such as killer whale. Additionally, male dolphins have large bodies compared to female ones since they experience sexual dimorphism. Dolphins have a streamlined type of body and two limbs, which are in the form of flippers.

However, they are not more flexible as seals and travel 55km at 34.4mph. Their teeth are shaped in the form of conical for capturing prey. Moreover, they have a great sense of hearing that is adapted to water and air; thus, they can still survive in case they become blind. Most species of dolphins prefer to liv on warm water like tropic zones while others like right whale dolphins love cold climate.


1. Dolphins stay on the surface while sleeping

Dolphins have a different method to sleep that is different from human beings. Humans have long unconscious sleep of not knowing what is happening in their surroundings. Dolphins have to remain conscious when sleeping. They frequently rest motionless on the water surface when sleeping. Besides, they can swim slowly to the surface or shallow water in order to breathe.

2. They do not use teeth to eat

Toothed dolphins, including whales, are carnivores. They feed on various fish, octopuses, shrimps, squid, and jellyfish. Dolphins’ species have different types of creatures and fish that they feed. Moreover, the biggest dolphin species known as orcas can feed on mammals and sea birds, including whales, sea lions, and whales. They have 100 teeth but do not use them to eat because they lack chewing muscles. For this reason, they swallow the prey instead of eating.

3. Dolphin killers were punished

Ancient Greece was a civilization that belonged to the Greek history period from the dark ages of Greece to the end of antiquity. After the period, it was followed by the byzantine era and early middle age. Greek had classical cultures and philosophies that influenced ancient Rome. One of the cultures included the protection of sacred fish like a dolphin. In ancient Greece, people who killed dolphins were punished through death. The Greeks considered dolphins as hieros ichthys.

4. Breathing is not automatic

Dolphins do not have automatic breathing responses like human beings who continuously breathe even if they are unconscious or asleep. For this reason, dolphins control their breathing consciously. This means that they need to decide actively when to breathe. They can suffocate or drown in case they sleep unconsciously. Therefore, they allow the half brain to sleep while the other part stays alert to check dangers in the water. Dolphins close the right eye when sleeping, the other eye closed after half right brain is asleep and vice vasa. This is known as unihemispheric sleep as part of brain sleep as the other is active.

5. They have names

Dolphins are one of the interesting animals and fascinate us with super-intelligent behaviors. They are one of the living organisms that live extraordinary lives, and you can compare their lifestyle to humans. For instance, scientific research shows that dolphins have given themselves names. These animals develop self-whistle for recognition. The whistle and dolphin names can still be recognized even if it changes.

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