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10 Interesting facts about Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was born on 4th August 1901. His family was a poverty-hit portion of New Orleans. It was nicknamed “the Battlefield.” His father, the breadwinner, abandoned the family when Armstrong was a kid. His teenage mother was often forced to resort to prostitution to bring something to the table. Young Louis spent much of his boyhood under the care of his grandmother. He found a second home among a local Lithuanian-Jewish family during this period.

Moreover, the family hired him to do odd jobs for their peddling business. They gave him money and a hot meal every night. Additionally, Louis received 5 dollars in advance so he could buy his first horn. Armstrong wore the “Star of David” on his neck in honor of that family.

1. Armstrong openly criticized President Dwight D. Eisenhower over segregation

Armstrong was proud and fearless to speak out against racism. It was a frequent foundation of contention with his fellow black American entertainers. He even declared that he would never play a U.S. government-sponsored function like the tour of the Soviet Union meeting.

2. Louis served as a “musical ambassador” for the U.S. State Department

He became an official cultural diplomat. He took off on a three-month African trip sponsored by the State Department. He was to improve the American image overseas. He was known as ambassador scratch.

3. First black African American to feature in Hollywood movie

He also hosted a national radio show in 1937. Some of his famous movies were New Orleans, High Society, and Hello Dolly (1969)

4. He invented scat music

Louis Armstrong 1947 - PICRYL Public Domain Image

Armstrong was the first jazz musician that sang in nonsense syllables called “scat.” His first scat recording was “Heebie Jeebies.” He developed this style accidentally when he dropped his music sheet while recording and couldn’t recall the lyrics.

5. Louis Armstrong has recorded over 60 different albums

It sounds like a lot much to achieve. Armstrong recorded most of his great music between 1925-1928.  He is the first artist to use swing rhythm with high pitch tones. Sixty-plus albums sound much, but Armstrong unencumbered it. He inspired a generation of musicians after him.

6. The airport in New Orleans is named after him

Louis Armstrong International Airport, which is in New Orleans, is named after Louis Armstrong.After his death on 6th July 1971.

7. Louis Arms Strong was arrested by Police When he was nine

He fired a pistol on the street. It led to his arrest. He also showed a dangerous and suspicious character at nine with the other five boys.  He was sent to the colored Waifis’ Home, an institution that looks after the orphan children. He stayed there for two weeks.

8. He was busted with drug possession

Armstrong was among the first celebrities to be arrested for drug possession. He made no secret of his fondness for marijuana, which he thought to be a thousand times better than whiskey. After being arrested with the drug outside the Cotton Club in California, he served nine days in jail.

10. Armstrong never had children in his lifetime

Armstrong was married four times throughout his lifetime. Though he loved kids, he never sired children with his four wives.


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