5 interesting facts about c.s lewis

5 interesting facts about c.s lewis

C.S Lewis was a theologian and British writer born on 29th November 1898 and died on 22nd November 1963. In 1925- 1954, Lewis secured academic qualifications in English literature at oxford university and Cambridge university. He has written to more than 3o books that have been sold to billions of people and translated to different languages. The writer is best known for his amazing fiction work in The Space Trilogy, The Screwtape Letters, and The Chronicles of Narnia. The Chronicles is the most popular book on cinema, television, radio, and stage. Also, nonfiction apologetics like the Problem of Pain and Miracles. There are many interesting facts that you did not know about Lewis.


1. c.s Lewis did not learn to type

Lewis has never learned how to write; instead, he depended on pens. The writer had one thumb joint which interfered with him from the proper use of a typewriter. It was not only his joint but also love for mechanical writing mode. He believed a type of writer affects the creative process, including appreciation of English.

2. He cared about needy people

Lewis spends his life as an atheist after he left the childhood Christian faith. He became the real convert and admitted the existence of God. The writer’s journey of faith began when his mother died from cancer. He was disillusioned that God did not heal his mother. This made him become a full atheist as a small boy. He believed back on faith when he faced impossible obstacles that were not easy o overcome. After Lewis converted, he cared about needy people who were given half of the income. Besides, C.S never got wealthy from Christian classic as well as book royalties. He swore never to take in money but donate everything to the church.

3. Lewis damaged the first version of the witch, wardrobe, and lion

Lewis’s friends criticized the first version of the witch, the lion, and the wardrobe; thus, he destroyed and rewrote. This process is known as a burn and gain coming approach and is frequently in many accounts. He once wrote a children novel that he destroyed after his friends criticized the book.

4. The protagonist of the space trilogy was Tolkien

A protagonist is the main person or character who plays a major part in the story. Also, the protagonist becomes the central part of the story, makes important decisions, and face consequences of the decisions. An antagonist always opposes this person, and the audience or reader follows fate. Lewis had a best friend for several years called Tolkien, who they both taught at oxford university. The writer drew friendship when he wrote fictional novels like “out of the planet.” Lewis and Tolkien were critical when it comes to one another’s work.

5. Lewis started a fictional world at a young age

Fictional world or universe means personal- consistent context with elements, events that are different from the actual world. This may be seen in novels, video games, films, comics, and television shows. A fictional world can be indistinguishable from the actual world, the exception of invented events, and characters who characterize fiction work. It can as well bear no or little connection to the real world. The invention of fundamental principles of space and time can be done. Lewis began to love writing at a young age. This was seen when he made a fictional box that had talking animals like king bunny. This made him get invited to oxford to discuss matters of writing.

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