about Dwight D Eisenhower

5 interesting facts about Dwight D Eisenhower

Born and raised in Kansas in a large family of Pennsylvanian Dutch ancestry. Dwight Eisenhower served as the American general army and 34th president of the United States from the year 1953 to 1961. He became an army general during World War II. Also, Dwight acted as supreme commander of the “Allied Expeditionary Force” in Europe. Eisenhower is responsible for the successful Normandy military from the western front in 1944 to 1945. Moreover, his successful plan was seen during the invasion of North Africa in “Operation Torch”. Here are the five interesting facts of Dwight d. Eisenhower.


1. Banished squirrels of the white house

The “American public Golf Association” installed putting green few meters away from the oval office during the spring of 1954. Eisenhower was a great golfer and became mad when the squirrels destroyed the putting green. The squirrels continuously roamed grounds of white House and buried their walnuts and acorns. The former president ordered his valet to shoot the animals if they see them on the green. It is difficult for an animal lover to shoot animals. As the secret server being one of the animal lovers, he avoided using guns. He trapped the squirrels and secretly released them to a Rock Creek Park.

2. Spent around two months in hospital

Dwight Eisenhower suffered from a heart attack in September 1955 during a vacation in Colorado. He was taken to Denver Fitzsimmons, an army hospital. Dwight’s condition became bad that made him stay in the hospital for one month and three weeks. His staff stayed on the 8th floor of the hospital while the vice president took care of cabinet meetings. In the following year, he went through an intestinal operation. Despite all the health issues, he still ran for the second elections of 1966. Eisenhower won the election to serve as a president.

3. Excellent writer

Dwight got a reputation as the best writer during the military years. He authored letters, speeches, staff studies, and reports. The top brass was for Douglas MacArthur and secretary of war. Also, he took part in writing the guide book of world war I. he was great with pen and even published William Randolph Hearst in the 1930s. William convinced Eisenhower to quit the United States Army and become a correspondent of a newspaper.

4.Great painter

Eisenhower did painting as a hobby when he was the president of Columbia University. He was inspired by Thomas Stephens who painted a picture of Mamie. While in the White House, the former president visited a studio to paint for about 10minutes before lunch. He had portraits and landscapes of his wife, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. His paints were displayed at Museum art of New York in 1967. However, Dwight said that the portraits could have been burned if he was not a president.

5. President of Columbia University

Eisenhower has never served in a state’s office before being a president. Nonetheless, he got presidential experience at Columbia University from 1948 to 1950. He was not comfortable enough to lead an institution. For this reason, he left when he got a role as supreme Allied Commander of “North Atlantic Treaty Organization”.

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