5 interesting facts about Edgar Allan Poe

5 interesting facts about Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was born on 19th January 1809. He was a very popular author during his time. Poe used to write terrifying stories in a special way that incorporated both code racking and a lot of sense of humor. On top of that, Edgar Allan Poe is dubbed as the granddaddy of American literature. “The Raven” is one of the most popular that was written by Edgar. Below are some of the most interesting facts about Edgar Allan Poe that you may have missed.


1. Edgar Allan Poe Death was a misery

Poe went missing for 5 days before being found in Baltimore. He died soon after being taken to the hospital.
Furthermore, no autopsy was performed but they listed the cause of his death as vague congestion of the brain. Both experts and scholars were left guessing and proposing all sorts of possible causes such as carbon monoxide poisoning, murder, dipsomania, and rabies. However, the cause of his death has remained to be enigmatic just like his works.

2. He was initially “Allan Poe”

The name “Allan” did not document until later in his life. This means that his original official name was Edgar Allan Poe. His father abandoned them when Poe was about 2 years of age. Also, his mother died shortly after suffering from tuberculosis. Poe was lucky enough to be adopted by a rich family Frances and John Allan. They added a surname to his name and also provided for his education.

3. The original Balloon Boy

If you have come across the infamous Balloon Boy of 2009s just know that this was not the original. It turns out that the Heenes were cribbing from Poe’s Hoax 1844 New York sun Pages. There is a lot of similarities between these two stories. For example, In Poe’s story, the Balloon also carried passengers across the Atlantic Ocean. Although this was a fiction story, it becomes very popular and people lined up at the sun’s headquarters to get their copies.

4. Edgar Allan Poe did abuse opium

Most of Poe’s protagonists used to abuse Opium. However, there was a myth that originated in 1845 that Allan Poe was an opium-eater. This was after the reviewer analyzed one of his works “the strange outpourings of an opium-eater”. But two physicians that had close contact with Poe denied the claims by saying that there weren’t any indications of him using the drug.

5. He got engaged to his teenage girlfriend twice

Poe married Virginia Clemm who was his younger cousin at the age of 27. However, Virginia was not the first woman that Poe had been engaged in. He had also been engaged to Sarah Elmira Royster. However, these two young lads never got married. They re-united again and got engaged weeks before his death in 1849. Also when he was young, he fell in love with his friend’s mom Mrs Jane Stanard. This love experience played a big role in one of his greatest love poems.

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