5 Interesting facts about Lyndon B Johnson

5 Interesting facts about Lyndon B Johnson

Also known as LBJ, Lyndon is well known as the 36th president of the United States in 1963. This position he had been sworn in after the previous President John F Kennedy was assassinated. Years before he became President that is in 1960 he was elected vice president. In his reign as President he can be remembered for the following; the voting rights act of 1965 of which became law, his signing of the civil rights act of 1964. He also championed the significant social legislation which included the voting rights act of 1965 and an establishment of a public broadcasting corporation of 1967 among two others.


Five interesting facts about Lyndon B Johnson

1. He was the 37th vice president of the United States

Johnson started his political career after just four years of being a teacher. He came from a humble family and grew up with the struggles of an average teen. Having lost their home ranch, Johnson struggled through school but eventually became a teacher. He left teaching and ventured into his political career which started when Welly Hopkin’s nominated him to manage his campaign. He grew many things including a senator, a majority leader and journeyed all the way to the vice president under President John F Kennedy. Both Kennedy and Johnson were always on the opposing sides of each other and Kennedy appointing Johnson as his vice president startled a lot of people. He accepted this appointment, and in 1960 he was officially the 37th president of the US.

2. He was the 36th President of the US in 1963

Following the assassination of his President John F. Kennedy, he was sworn in as the President since the then constitution stated that upon the death of the ruling President the vice president is to be sworn in as the President till there are elections to elect another. In 1964 he ran for the presidency and fortunately he won the majority votes of 61%. He came into power with a vision of creating an excellent society for his citizens who had put him in power or preferably all Americans.

3. He started with a teaching career as his first

After completing his high school studies his mother kept on insisting that he further his studies which he did and joined the Southwest Texas State Teachers College and later graduated in the year 1930. Due to a lack of enough money to pay for the studies he left school and went to teach in a Mexican school. He finished school married in 1934, and his political career grew with support from his wife.

4. He refused to be reelected for another term as the President

The Vietnam War and the division in the American house are the reasons that made him not to accept any reelection. He made this clear to all the politicians and his citizens in general on live television. The coordinated attack by the North Vietnamese and Communist Viet Cong forces rendered the US support in the war ineffective. This effect affected Lyndon’s presidency, and for that, he was contented with one term rule. All this happened in the year 1968.

5. He created a special commission to investigate Kennedy’s assassination

Immediately after being sworn in as President he appointed the then chief justice known as Earl Warren as the chairman of the commission that investigated the assassination of Kennedy.

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