5 interesting facts about Stephen F Austin

5 interesting facts about Stephen F Austin

Stephen Fuller Austin also is known as “Father of Texas” was an American impresario and founder of Texas. He was born on 3rd November 1793 in Virginia and died on 27th December 1836. He served in the territorial legislature of Missouri then moved to Arkansas territory and later to Louisiana. Stephen convinced American families to settle in Texas after he died in 1821 before accomplishing the mission. In the 1820s, he maintained good relations with the government of Mexico. Moreover, he introduced slavery in Texas regarding the Mexican government banning it. Here are the top interesting facts about the fuller.


1. He colonized families

His father was the leader in mining and manufacturing lead mining in the United States. Austin managed the mine by the age of 23; his leadership skills could be seen. He was among the members of the territorial legislature in Missouri. In 1819, economic fortune affected the family making fuller to look for new opportunities. On the other hand, his father had a plan of settling American colonists in Texas. Unfortunately, Stephen’s father died in June 1821 leaving him to get permits of colonizing Spanish families in Texas. Moses got pneumonia and died on his way from Texas. Austin made sure to achieve his father’s wishes; he went to negotiate with the Spanish governor on the colony. He settled 1200 families with the help of Samuel Williams.

2. Organized Texan militia

Texan militia was an inaugurate force of Texas. The militia was established by Stephen on 5th august 1823. This defence was against tribes including Cherokee, karankawa and Comanche. Texas rangers served as a military force till 1935. It consisted of 22% of army members who fought in the San Jacinto Battle. They helped the government of Texas to get independence against the Centralist Republic of Mexico. This was on 14th May 1836 during the treaties of Velasco.

3. Imprisoned in 1834

Mexican government imprisoned Austin after developing tensions which could result in rebellion san war. Mexican government started to reduce immigration after seeing the growing number of immigrants. Colonial leaders drafted a constitution to make an Anglo-dominated Texas. Then, Stephen was directed to present the government. However, president Santa Ana put Austin in prison for 8 months. After his release, he planned for a war to lead Texans against Mexicans.

4. Died from pneumonia

In 1836, December, Stephen suffered from the severe cold that got worse. Doctors flocked in his home but could not assist. He died in West Columbia, a city found in Texas, United States. He was 43 years old, his last words were “The independence of Texas is recognized, don’t you see it in the papers?” The body was taken to Gulf Prairie Cemetery and later moved to Texas State Cemetery.

5. Slave owner

Austin viewed slavery as an important issue. He became a slave-owner for a period throughout his life but had a debate about it. Stephen believed that slavery is wrong hence fought for American liberty. Nevertheless, he agreed on social, political, and economic justifications thus worked to defend and expand. Also, he argued that long term slavery would bring negative effects that will affect American society. Stephen thought to get Texas from slavery during the revolution. He made sure that each slave received 8 acres of land.

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