7 Interesting Facts About James K. Polk

7 Interesting Facts About James K. Polk

James k. Polk was the 11th president of the United States of America. He served a term of four years from 1845 to 1849. James served for only one term, and many people consider him the best one-term president in American history. He did add a large area to the United States from the Oregon territory through Nevada and California.

Interestingly he did keep all of his campaign promises. He was often referred to as the ‘dark horse’ and the last strong president until the civil war. Here are interesting facts about James Knox Polk :

1. He started his formal education at 18

James K . Polk was born in 1795,in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. When he was ten years old, his family moved to Tennessee and settled on a farm in Maury county. He had a troubled childhood suffering from gallstones which were surgically removed without anesthesia at 17 years. He started formal education at 18 years of age. After just two and a half years of starting formal education, he joined the University of North Carolina as a sophomore. He graduated in 1818 and went back to Tennessee to study law.

2. everyone least expected James k Polk’s nomination

A few months just before the democratic national convention of 1844, James was at his lowest. He lost to be re-elected as the governor of Tennessee after trying for a second time, the first being in 1841. Unfortunately, the delegates at the convention couldn’t agree on a nominee between Martín van Buren and Lewis Cass, so they had to choose James Polk as a’ dark horse’ candidate.

3. Anyone could visit the white house during his reign

During James k. Polk’s reign allowed anybody to visit the white house for official matters, unlike today. Every week, there were two days where concerned citizens and lobbyists could visit for a greater cause or ask for political favors.

4. Heis the reason behind the expanded US territory

The greatest achievement in American history in just one term of presidency was expanding the states. He extended the United States boundary to the Pacific ocean and laid the groundwork for states such as California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana.

5. He worked for more hours and rarely went for offs.

James k. Polk would spend 12 hours daily at the office. He was that committed in his work in that in case he wanted to lobby for a policy, he would visit the congress and do it by himself. He took only 27 days off during his single term.

6. He signed deals that were a game changer to Washington DC

During his short-term reign, he signed the Smithsonian institution into law. He was part of the construction of the Washington Monument. He helped establish the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He did re-establish an independent Us Treasury.

7. Introduction of prepaid postage stamps by his administration

James K. Polk rewarded Cave Johnson with a job as a postmaster General. He was one of his unofficial campaign managers and helped fix the financial crisis at the postage department. He introduced prepaid postage stamps.

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