9 Interesting Facts about Lebron James

Lebron James is one of the best-known basketball players in the world basketball. He has incredible skills and strength, not forgetting his leaping ability and his height. James remains unbeatable in basketball. The player was born in AKRON in December 1984. His childhood was difficult. His father was in jail when he grew up.

1. James was homeless

He spent two-thirds of his childhood without a permanent home. He stayed as a refugee with his mother moving from house to house. Apartment to Apartment to another, they relied on family, friends, and relatives for accommodation. It made James miss almost 100 days out of school; his family was poor

2. February 2002 James was named the chosen one

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The American sports magazine headlines were the chosen one Lebron James. It made him take his back the CHOSEN1. James’s talent started shining in high school. After a marvelous performance in the basketball show camp, James decided to play basketball. During his high school days, he was nicknamed KING JAMES

3. Besides basketball James played football

Speculations were that James was to make the best football player. He was to go pro easily. one day, James broke his arm during a football game. James was off playing for two months. James decides to heal and wait for the basketball season during this period. He also chose basketball over football.

4. Only in high school he was compared to Michael Jordan

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Even in his professional career, he is still compared to Michael Jordan. in 2009, NBA’s most valuable player award, James was crowned the winner. He won the award for the next four consecutive years. James and bill resell the only player to achieve this.

5. Nobody has done like James

Only a few players have reached eight straight basketball finals. James has reached eight straight consecutive basketball finals. His team won 3 championships. James holds two Olympics gold medals. In 2008 and 2010.

6. James is the youngest player to hit 200000 points

A floater in the second quarter in a game with the Miami hearts golded state warriors. He is a rare player in history. He has played with the Cavaliers, his hometown basketball team. he is the first cavalier to hi the NBA rookie award. He is the third player to hit five assists and rebounds with 20 points in one game.

7. James has invested in football clubs

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James invested a 6.5 million dollar deal. This value has increased six times the original value. James signed a lifetime deal with Nike after coming out of high school. James made 30 million dollars in beats acquisition company. When Apple bought these shares, James realized over 30 million dollars in cash.

8. James is a long time business partner with service carter

They own spring hill entertainment; in 2007, the company released a series of movies and documentaries that shocked the market.
James also has a stake in the pizza chain company; James and his partner stuck a 1 million dollar deal.
Lastly, James’s jersey In the 2020 NBA ALL-STAR game sold at 630 thousand dollars. Two of his rookie cards are the most expensive basketball cards ever auctioned.

9. James was born to a 16-year mother

James father was in jail during his childhood. James lived a poor childhood; his mother Gloria has been by his side in his NBA journey.

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