The Jackson 5 interesting facts

The Jackson 5 interesting facts

The Jackson 5 was one of the first boy band and was an American pop band that is made up of five family members who were all brothers. The five were also known by the name the Jacksons they comprised of; Jackie, Tito, Jermain, Marlon, and Michael Jackson. Their father was known as Joe Jackson who was a steelworker but early in his days used to play the guitar. It was through this guitar that he noticed that his sons were talented. This band used a few names before finally settling for the Jackson 5, these names include Ripples$ Waves plus Michael and The Jackson Brothers.


5 interesting facts of the Jackson 5

1. Michael Jackson was the youngest of the Jacksons

His preceding brothers were born in the years 1951, 1953, 1954 and Michael being the last born of nine siblings was born in the year 1958. He was the last son of Katherine Easter Scruse and Joseph Walter Jackson. His home place was Gary, Indiana and his first show to perform he was 6 years old. He sang with his brothers in the band as the lead singer until 1972 when he recorded his first solo album. He, unfortunately, he died in 2009.

2. Joe had a 25-year affair

“The hawk “is the name Joe had nicknamed himself since he was seducing younger women while he was married. An interesting fact though is that he kept one of the women in his affairs for 25 years and had a daughter with her. He built a home for her just a few blocks away from his main family and visited them all the time. This habit of having younger women pissed off Katherine his legal wife and she filed for divorce though she never went through with it. They both stayed married but Katherine was not happy with her husband’s behavior. Joe after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer he died in 2018.

3. The split of the boy band

Jermain had an interest in pursuing a solo career and for that, he was the first of the brothers to leave. Marlon too just like Jermain left the group after releasing a solo album. He left the band to start an entertainment company that then known as the major broadcasting corporation. Later in his years he also ventured into acting and became an actor and lastly, he had another job as a real estate agent. Michael Jackson also left the band where many though he left for better opportunities the truth was that he felt that he was being used to gain money.

4. Jealousy among the brothers

Jermain was not happy that the youngest of the brothers that are Michael Jackson was given the chance to be the lead singer which till today thinks that role was supposed to be his. He was also jealous that his brother’s solo career was more successful than his. Jermain was so wicked that he also followed the footsteps of his father of love affairs to an extent he had one with one of his brothers’ wives.

5. Disciplinary father

Joe was a tough dad to his children that he would use his belt to discipline them. His toughness though was considered as bullying by Michael since he was very self-conscious. This is evident where Joe had nicknamed his son Michael’s big nose which Michael did not take lightly and despite covering it all the time later in his life he ended up undergoing various surgeries just to make his nose smaller.

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