5 interesting facts about diabetes

5 interesting facts about diabetes

Diabetes is a type of condition which affects the ability of the body to process glucose, blood, and is referred to as blood sugar. There are three types of diabetes, including type 1 diabetes, type 2, and gestational diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is called juvenile diabetes, and it comes when the body does not produce insulin. These people must depend on artificial insulin in order to stay alive. Type 2 diabetes affects how insulin is used in the body. The body still produces insulin, unlike type 1 diabetes. However, the body does not respond effectively like the first time. Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnant women when the body is sensitive to insulin but resolves after birth. Lastly, borderline diabetes or pre-diabetes occurs when blood sugar ranges from 100 to 125mg/dl. Below are some of the interesting facts about diabetes.


1. Eating sugar does not cause diabetes

Eating a lot of sugar or sugary meals is not the leading cause of diabetes. Nonetheless, sugary foods can affect people with diabetes by increasing blood sugar. For instance, type 1 diabetes occurs at a young age when the pancreas stops to synthesize diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs when there is no enough insulin for maintaining a normal level of blood sugar.

2. It causes a lot of feelings

Diabetic patients will always feel depressed, angry, and anxious. It is difficult to keep on testing the level of sugar and monitoring what you eat. It makes them develop emotions of not accepting they have diabetes and be out of control. If you see this type of patient, you need to understand their natural feelings and try to encourage them.

3. It is hard to adjust to diabetes

If you have been diagnosed or one of your family members is diagnosed with diabetes, it may be difficult to adjust to the situation. It takes time to test blood, monitoring, giving shots and maintaining the level of blood sugar. The level of blood sugar is affected by factors like exercises, medication, and food. Untreated diabetes can cause long term conditions, including blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, and Neurotherapy.

4. Gestational diabetes is not genetic

Most pregnant women become sensitive to insulin and start to develop gestational diabetes. Those who have never had diabetes can still develop gestational because the pancreas is not making enough insulin. Although it does not mean that you will give birth to a diabetic baby. You need to visit obstetricians to deal with the condition so at to avoid birth deficit like having a large birth weight baby. Also, obesity, breathing difficulties, low blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes.

5. Diabetic patients can eat deserts

Desert meal includes sweet foods like fruit or confections dishes, beverages such as liqueur, and wine. The confections meals include cakes, biscuits, tarts, ice creams, puddings, sweet soups, pastries, puddings, and pies. Enjoying sweets and deserts is not limited to diabetic people. Most patients are afraid of taking food rich in sugar; thus, they don’t take sugar. Progress is better than perfection; hence patients need to count the number of carbs to maintain levels of blood sugar. This will help you to check the amount of insulin you have taken. You can still substitute the amount of sugar with carbs like skipping or eating a half cup of rice. Other foods are not sweet but contain sugar alcohol, which is responsible for boosting blood glucose.

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