5 interesting facts about carbohydrates

5 interesting facts about carbohydrates

Carbs are compounds of chemical and are the main source of energy in the body. This compound is made up of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. These components can be categorized into various types, including disaccharides, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, and oligosaccharides. Carbs are simple to digest, unlike fat and proteins. They are broken into glucose that the body used in various works, including energy. This chemical compound is found in vegetables, fruits, bread, grains, and sugary food. Some food contains simple carbohydrates, while others have complex carbs. Generally, food that has a high amount of simple carbohydrates is not as healthy as food with complex carbs.


1. Fungi and arthropods have carbohydrates

Fungi and arthropods, including crustaceans and insects, have a hard outer cover called an exoskeleton. It allows joint movement as it protects inner soft tissues in the body. The structural material that makes up exoskeleton is a complex carb known as chitin. It was discovered back in 1811 and is and is the second most abundant polysaccharide. This material is transparent, flexible, and can be put together with calcium carbonate in crustaceans to make it stronger. Chitin can also provide muscle that has a pull material. This structural material is an important armor and makes animals be strong than their relative size. In addition, chitin is not only found in insects and arthropods but also in mandibles of orgasms like snails.

2. Plants have carbohydrates

Just like other living things, plants need energy during chemical reaction so as to grow and undergo their function. This carbohydrate is called cellulose and is the most abundant on earth. Plants are able to produce, store, and break down carbs in the form of glucose and provide energy to themselves. Plants produce their own carbs, unlike human beings and animals, which take in food with carbs. Every green cell has the capability of taking in light energy, use energy to synthesize water and carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction leads to the formation of glucose, a form of carbohydrate. When plants from sugars, carbs are available for organisms that eat plants as food. These form a type of food web on the planet.

3. Simple carbohydrate cause weight gain

A simple carbohydrate is a form of carbs. This form is found in processed food, jams, candy, cakes, carbonated drinks, pastries, and jellies. They are the reason for sweet taste in foods and drinks. If carbs are not used as fast as energy or exercise, they are synthesized and converted into fat. Simple carbs break easily and are responsible for causing weight gain.

4. Complex carbohydrates are healthy

Complex carbohydrates are also a form of carbs. They exist in vegetables, fruits, bread, oats, nuts, grain, and pasta. Carbohydrates should be kept in a limited amount inside the body. Complex carbs are able to break slowly, thus recommended to those people who want to shed weight. Moreover, they give you time to do some physical activities in order to burn energy before conversion.

5. Simple carbs boost blood sugar

Generally, simple carbs are broken down fast and used for energy by the body. This chemical reaction is simple; hence it makes sugar level rise fast. Also, it fastens the secretion of insulin in the pancreases. Rise of sugar level leads to gaining weight as well as it affects health in a negative way. Some of the diseases caused by blood sugar spike include diabetes, stroke, or heart attack. Studies recommend us to take a low amount of carbs for a healthy living.

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