5 interesting facts about D day

5 interesting facts about D day

D day, also known as Normandy landings were landing operations done on 6th June 1944 of Normandy invasion in operation overlord during the Second World War. This was the most significant invasion of seaborne in the whole history. It started the liberation when German-occupied France and afterward on Western Europe. They laid allied victory foundations at the western front. Moreover, the planning of the operation began in 1943 that led up to the invasion.

Allies carried a military deception and gave code name to operation bodyguard to mislead Germans on the date and place of allied landings. Operation delayed for one day and postponement would take at least two weeks as planners work on requirements. Besides, Adolf Hitler put Marshal Erwin Rommel as the commander of German forces as well as building fortifications. The defense was developed on the Atlantic wall prior to the allied invasion. Amphibious landings starting shortly after midnight as 24,000 American, Canadian and British airborne troops landed.


1. Historians are still calculating the number of deaths

Military leaders were away that causalities on Normandy landings would be high. However, they were ready to pay the cause so as to establish a stronghold in France. More than 140, 000 soldiers from the united kingdom, Canada and the united states invaded Normandy beaches on 6th June 1944. top strategist told general Eisenhower that causalities would be at least 75 percent. Nonetheless, the general ordered the attack. D day landings became unpleasant due to stable German resistance and bad weather. Terrible losses occurred, and historians are still calculating a number of deaths.

2. General Eisenhower wanted to quit before d day

General Eisenhower acted as the main commander of forces in Europe and d day leader. He became a legend in view of his ability to obtain armies and offices across nations in order to defeat Germans. Eisenhower wanted to quit command and return to the United States a few months before the day. The commander engaged in a heated talk with Winston Churchill, British prime minister on controversial intentions to bomb French road and railway system.

3. Black medic became a hero

Waverly Woodson, a black medic, became injured as he moved to Omaha beach. Germans blasted his craft hence killing the person next to him and greeted Waverly with bullets. Despite injuries, he settled a medical station and began to treat soldiers within several hours. These included cleaning wounds, removing bullets, resetting bones and dispensing blood. Also, the medic saved men from drowning by pulling them out of waves. Waverly collapsed due to injuries after treating 200 men.

4. Ramps acted as a shield

D day is the most important period during the 20th century, which determined the future of Europe. Veteran frank Devita became the leader in charge of sending ramp as soon as the landing craft drew near Omaha beach. Ramps acted as a shield, and machines guns were hitting like typewriters as they reached the shoreline. Devita lowered the ramp as order, and the first ten guys went down.

5. Nazi focused in the wrong place

Normandy landings of 1944 made Germans fear. Nazi German began to construct the Atlantic wall which consisted of landing obstacles, mines, bunkers, and pillboxes. Nazis relied on established ports due to a lack of money and manpower. Germans believed that French port city could be the first candidate for invasion. They ended up putting three gun batteries; the rest coastline including Normandy was less defended.

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