5 fun facts about the excretory system

5 fun facts about the excretory system

The excretory system refers to the biological system that helps in the elimination of excess or unnecessary materials from the body so as to prevent damage to the body by maintaining internal chemical homeostasis. It has two main functions: removal of metabolic waste products and draining components that have been used up and broken down in the either gaseous or liquid state. In mammals, reptiles, and birds the waste materials are excreted as urine.


1. 95% of the urine is water

The urine is composed of water and other waste materials from the body. However, water takes a larger percentage of urine. It’s the one that plays a big role when it comes to eliminating waste products from the body. Furthermore, the average adult body is composed of 60 percent water. Kidneys and the lungs have the highest composition water in our bodies. Lungs have about 83 percent while the kidneys are composed of 79%.

2. A person pees about 3000 times per year on average

An average person pees between 6 to 8 times per day. However, if you are drunk it’s normal to pee for 10 or more times. So if you want to calculate the average number of times that you have peed in your whole life then start by multiplying 3000 by your age. Some medications too can influence the number of times that you pee per day. Also, some certain health conditions such as diabetes can increase or decrease the frequency of peeing. Also in a day, your body will throw out 1.5 quarts of urine.

3. The bladder is as big as your brain

IF you have never seen a human bladder before, just know that it’s as big as the human brain. It acts as a temporary place for storing urine. The storage of urine to the bladder helps to control urination hence preventing frequent urination. On top of that, it can store an average of 400-600 ml of urine. After the urine flows out the bladder reduces to the size of a pear. The bladder muscles also help in the urination process by stretching.

4. Skin is not part of the excretory system

Although the skin helps in the removal of excess water and salts it is not considered as a part of the excretory system. This is because the sweat comes out through the skin for temperature regulation. The real excretory organs are large intestines, liver, lungs, and the urinary system. Bladder, ureters, and urethra make up the urinary system.

5. Kidneys help to balance vitamins and minerals

The kidney does not only take the trash out of your body, but it also has other functions. For example, it can help to balance the minerals, vitamins, and fat and protein contents in the blood. By doing this, your body is able to carry out its functions normally. On top of that, the kidneys also help in balancing the hormones in the human body. The urine contains some amounts of urea hence it can be diluted and poured to potted plants in the garden.

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