5 interesting facts about J.D Salinger

5 interesting facts about J.D Salinger

J.D is a well-known American novel writer born on 1st January 1919 and died on 27th January 2010. Born from a Jewish family in Manhattan, New York, and his dad, sol Salinger sold cheese. Salinger’s mother changed her name because she considered herself as a Jew after marrying sol, Salinger. The writer had one sibling and never knew that his mother is not Jewish but of Irish, Scottish, and German descent. J.D attended public schools in his youth and learned at McBurney School when they resided to Park Avenue.

At Burney, he enrolled in plays, drama and wrote a school newspaper. However, his father did not want Salinger to become an actor. Later, he joined Valley Forge military academy in Pennsylvania. J.D started writing stories, including “under the covers,” and managed to be the editor of the annual class book. This famous writer participated in the aviation club, glee club, French club, and non-commissioned officers.


1. Participated in the Second World War

Salinger took part in the Second World War before he became a famous writer of “the catcher in the rye” in 1951. He served as a soldier in the United States and regularly participated in combat. As a counterintelligence cop, he had to arrive at Utah beach at 6.30 am with the first wave. However, eyewitnesses saw him at about 10mins after landing in the second wave. Timing became fortunate as Salinger managed to avoid massive German defense. An hour later, he headed to the west to connect with his detachment.

2. Studied religions

The writer studied various religions in his lifetime, for instance, Hinduism, Buddhism, Scientology, and Christian Science. Teachings and morals in the bible are supposed to be understood and applied in daily life. Nevertheless, these teachings can be seen in anything and influences everywhere. Salinger’s novel and, more specifically, “The Catcher in the Rye” have characters related to bible scenes. For this reason, it indicated how the writer studied religion extensively.

3. Salinger novels connected with dangerous events

Mark David Chapman assassinated John Lennon in the year 1980. The assassinator had a copy of “The Copy in the Rye” and explained the novel had reasons that made him kill Lennon. As another example, john Hinckley had a similar novel when attempted to kill Ronald Reagan. In 1989, john Bardo had the same novel as he murdered an actress called Rebecca Schaeffer.

4. Experienced nervous condition

Salinger experienced a disorder called post-traumatic stress following his work. He suffered from the breakdown of nervous hence hospitalized in Nuremberg in the year 1945. This disease came because of bloody battles during Normandy landings and Luxembourg.

5. Worked on a novel while fighting

Before taking part in the army, Salinger published different magazines, including stories and colliers. On Normandy landings, he had six unpublished stories that would be included in the infamous novel “the catcher in the rye.” In addition, war experience added maturity and depth to his writing. Legacy of Normandy’s experience is still present in work, which does not involve war. Salinger talked about d day often but not in full details.

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