5 interesting facts about William b Travis

5 interesting facts about William b Travis

In full names, he is known as William Barret Travis, who was born in the year 1809 and unfortunately, died in 1836. He came from South Carolina and had three occupations which are, a teacher, lawyer and also a soldier. He was a commander of the Texan forces at the time he died. He had led his soldiers in a battle, which was and still known as the battle of Alamo, where they all fought to the death, and for that, he has been remembered as a great person of history in Texas for his braveness and sacrifice.


Interesting facts about William b Travis

1. He died at 26 years

Travis is one person who was able to accomplish a lot at a very young age and had he survived the battle of Alamo, and he would have been a great leader. He was born in 1809 and married at a very early age that is at 19 years he had a wife who later had a baby boy and one unborn baby whom he abandoned. He did law and was admitted to the bar and worked as a lawyer for some time; however, this did not cater for his needs, so he became a teacher and finally because of his hate for the Mexican government he joined the forces and risen up the ranks to a commander. It was in this year 1936 that he led his soldiers to defend Texas that they were all killed.

2. He used letters to mobilize people and for support

To notify the rest of the people of Texas of their progress, Travis used to write letters that he would sign off with a signature of “victory or death. ” In his letters, he would tell the people of Texas how the war was progressing, and at some point, he asked for reinforcement because he saw how the enemies’ troops were being backed up. He explained that if the letter got to the right people on time, the reinforcements would help, and they would win the war, but if otherwise, he would not retreat but fight till death.

3. He divorced his first wife in 1836

As mentioned earlier, he married his wife at the age of 19, and a few years later, he abandoned her and his two kids. In his final year, he divorced her with the intention of marrying another, but unfortunately, he lost his life before that could happen.

4. He died a hero

Through his letters, he spread the support from Americans for the Texas revolution, and trough his words, he said that he would not surrender, but he would rather die. This was as powerful as it encouraged the people to fight for the freedom of Texas. The success of the country’s independence is evident power that the letters of Travis had, and for that, he is a celebrated hero in Texas. His letters are so important that they been made memorial tablets that would help to commemorate the sacrifice of Travis and his soldiers.

5. He founded the Claiborne Herald newspaper

Travis was a young man of many professionals. He started off as a lawyer. He became a teacher, founded the newspaper, and lastly, a military man. It is at this time of his newspaper establishment that he was attached to many debts that he decided to go and venture into the military.

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