7 Interesting facts in the world

7 Interesting facts in the world

The world is unique, and it has more than a million absorbing certainties that have never sprung to your mind at all. We have over 200 countries, animal species, and plants—talk of natural phenomena and rapid technology evolution.

Here are some of the facts that will blow your mind and somehow make you look smart even if you are not.

Interesting facts about the world.

1. The hottest chili pepper in the world could kill you.

The dragon Breath chili pepper is the hottest and deadliest chili pepper, if you take one, you will experience anaphylactic shock, and it will burn and close your airways. The chili was developed for medical purposes at Nottingham University by Mike smith and other scientists.

2. The quietest place in the world is the Microsoft Headquarters in Washington State.

Silence does matter a lot when it comes to a lot of activity that requires attentiveness. The room background noise is -20.35 dBA, which means 20 devices lower than the human hearing threshold. That means when you get into that room, you won’t hear a thing except if someone talks to you.

3. The most earthquake-prone country in the world is Japan.

Earthquake sometimes cannot be noticed, but sometimes it’s destructive. Minor tremors (cannot be noticed or not destructive) are fun, but they are also dangerous. Countries like China and others are but prone to earthquakes according to the records japan records most earthquakes in the world.

4. In the world, there are about four quadrillion bacteria.

That’s a lot of bacteria. When it comes to bacteria, many people get confused as some are not dangerous and some are deadly. Companies that deals with milk product apply some of the bacteria as a catalyst. Some are dangerous and will kill you, but some make like easy in many ways.

5. We are 7% of the total people that ever lived on earth.

People who are alive now make 7% of every human being ever lived. That’s a lot of people over different lifetimes. According to the population reference Bureau in 50,000 years, ago 108 billion people have been born. The one living is just part of it pretty cool, right.

6. Only two countries in the world use purple on their flag.

That’s Dominica and Nicaragua, where Nicaragua uses a rainbow at the center that includes a purple band, and in the Dominica flag, we have a Sisserou parrot, the bird with purple feathers.

7. The most expensive coin ever sold on earth was over $7 million.

Double Eagle was a $20 U.S. coin made of gold that did not get into the market, and where only a few coins were made, some were destroyed. U.S mint workers stole the rest. They moved around the world, and one of them made its way into the hands of an Egyptian king. It was auctioned at Sotheby’s in 2002 for $7,590,020. That makes it the most expensive coin ever sold on earth.

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