8 Interesting health facts

8 Interesting health facts

Health refers to complete emotional and physical wellbeing. Good health grants long life, stress-free life, and active life. There are some facts about health that need to be observed to attain and maintain a healthy life.

Below are some discussed facts.

1. Over half of the bones are in the hands and feet

Human beings are born with almost 300 bones and cartilage which fuse with time. An adult contains 206 bones, with 106 found in our hands and feet. However, bones in the arms break frequently, causing almost all adults bone injuries.

2. Cold temperatures are good for general body health

Cold temperatures benefit the body by reducing allergies and inflammation. It also helps one to think clearly and perform the daily duties better. During cold temperatures, disease risks reduce. This is because cold temperatures hinder the breeding of mosquitoes hence reducing infections caused by them, such as malaria, Zika, and West Nile virus.

3. Bananas help improve one’s mood

A banana produces 30% of vitamin B6, which is the recommended daily intake. Vitamin B6 from the banana helps the brain secrete serotonin, which works as a mood stabilizer. Frequent eating of bananas stimulates the serotonin `levels that work on motor skills and emotion, therefore, helping relieve depression and anxiety. In addition, the brain secretion, serotonins help one sleep and digest food.

4. Drink something hot to cool down

Taking in something hot may help cool the body. This is because; the body produces a lot of sweat when you drink a hot drink to help cool the body’s temperature. The produced sweat eventually evaporates from the skin, leading to a cool body temperature.

5. One can physically see high cholesterol

When the body has high cholesterol, physical signs appear on the. The signs are known as xanthelasmata, whereby cholesterol-filled bumps appear under the skin. They mostly appear on the skins of people who suffer from diabetes and heart-related diseases.

6. Drinking water helps maintain a natural pH balance in the body

Consuming water with a balanced pH restores the pH balance in the body because of its alkalizing minerals. Alkalizing minerals help flush out toxins that are produced by stress caused by free radicals.

7. It is important to exercise when tired

It is better to exercise when tired rather than sleeping or just sitting. Exercising helps the body by giving it more energy. Exercises increase blood and oxygen flow, which improves mood and makes one feel well. In addition, exercise keeps the DNA young and healthy, leading to an increased lifespan.

8. The body contains 650 muscles

The body contains 650 muscles that handle daily body functions that include walking, talking, sitting, standing, and eating. The muscles also help to circulate blood in the body. Body muscles are characterized into three types: smooth, skeletal, and cardiac. The muscles also contain different shapes and sizes. The sizes include small, medium, and large. For the shapes, deltoid muscles are triangular, rhomboid muscles have a diamond-like shape, and the serratus has a saw-like shape.

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