10 Interesting facts about Colombia

10 Interesting facts about Colombia

The country is famous for its natural resources, developed town, and cultural diversity. The government has developed a plan of action and approach to reduce crimes and secure peace with revolutionaries. Its goal for this is to protect the strong democratic institution and economy.

1. Is the second country in the world that is most bio-diverse

The first country is Brazil of which is ten times the size of Colombia. It has the highest amount of species of birds, more than Europe and North America combined.

2. Home of the rainbow liquid.

The river of five colors (liquid rainbow) is located in Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta. The river bed can change its color from green, blue, yellow, black, and red. It starts at the end of July and through July.

3. Emeralds are the leading source.

Colombia is the world-leading source of emeralds alongside coffee after Brazil and Vietnam.

4. Tejo is the traditional national game in Colombia.

Tejo is a game that involves launching objects to the target, but the most popular game is football (soccer). It is known worldwide that Colombian residents will always dance and praise their iconic yellow jerseys, or they won’t be okay without dancing.

5. Theme of children’s game, EL dorado.

Eldorado is a mythical city where it is believed the king of el dorado was spraying himself with Gold powder and then jumped off a golden boat into water bodies so that he could appease an undersea god.

6. The golden rule of Colombia

They have a rule when it comes to music and dancing. If you are listening to music, you move your body. You don’t need to be perfect, but by dancing, you appreciate the singer. Shakira comes from old Colombia. At the age of 4, she had a poem that turned into music. She fought her way into the world of fame as everyone in Colombia appreciated her music.

7. Colombia was named after the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

Columbus was an explorer, navigator, and colonizer.

8. Pablo Escobar.

The king of coke Pablo Escobar was born in Colombia. He made a lot of money from coke during his reign as he made $420 million weekly. That’s a lot of money compared to the salary of all the top 1000 companies put together. Fifteen tons of pure coke were shipped into the US from Colombia a long time ago.

9. Murder city.

Medellin was nicknamed the murder city of the world. That is because in 1991,17 murder cases were reported every single day. IN 2013, the city was nominated to be the most innovative city in the world. They had creative ideas about technology and giving out a solution to support lifestyle.

10. Highest capital.

Bogota is the third highest capital globally as it lies at the top of Mt Andes with 2640 meters above sea level. The second place in Quito in Ecuador and the 1st place La Paz in Bolivia.

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