10 interesting facts about the Philippines

10 interesting facts about the Philippines

Philippines archipelago country in the southeast of Asia is made of 7,640 islands. It was a third-world country, but it’s developing fast due to business and technology (developing country). Manila is the capital city, but Quezon City is the most popular city. You should visit the place and see how amazing and welcoming the people are.

Interesting facts about the Philippines.

1. It was the 1st country in the southeast to gain independence

After World War II, in 1945 Philippines was the 1st country to gain independence from the Spanish.

2. The Philippines as a country export more coconut than any other country.

They ship off about 19.5 million tonnes of fruit every year. Its the only country in the world that export coconut as cash crops to improve its economy.

3. The Philippines is the only country in Asia that practices Christianity

Neighboring countries practice Buddhism, but 90% of the Philippines practice Christianity. 80% of the people in the country are catholic. This is because of their colonial influence from the Spanish.

4. The texting capital of the world.

The Filipinos are very social as they spend 70% of their time with family and friends. They stay in touch as they send text messages about 400 million in a day, adding to 142 billion in a single year. They are known as the texting capital of the world.

5. 12th country with the highest population in the world.

IN 2014, they recorded a 100-million population making it the 12th most populous country on the planet. The growth rate is 2%; it’s the fastest country in the world that’s growing.

6. Manila city has the world’s highest population density

The city spans 24 square miles, but with a population of 1,660,714; this makes it a population density of 55,400 per square mile. Manila as metro has other joined cities with over 12,877,000, making it the highest populated metropolitan area in the world.

7. Pawalan is the best-named island on earth.

The island was named one of the best islands in the world for travelers, publications, and leisure. It has a cool and amazing scenery of natural beauty. Tourists will be able to explore white-sand beaches, and they can swim in lagoons and corals.

8. Forced labor facilitated the building of St. Jerome parish.

St Jerome was the first church built by forced labor and is the most popular church in the Philippines. According to the report, the church was built by men, women, and children under forced labor. Stones were dug from Kay Ngaya hill, and sand with gravel was dug from Morong River.

9. Manila cathedral.

It is the first cathedral that has survived seven tragedies in the country.

10. The Philippines have suffered the largest volcanic in history.

ON June 15, 1991, Mt Pinatubo erupted a few hours’ drives from Manila City. It was powerful that it shot 10 billion tons of magma and 20m tons of sulfur dioxide. The eruption caused a decrease in the global temperature.

There are other interesting facts about the Philippines that you should know, find out on geographic sites.

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