5 interesting facts about Bolivia

5 interesting facts about Bolivia

In Central South America lies a country Bolivia neighboring Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Arizona, and Chad. It was under Spanish control and that explains why the majority of its citizens speak Spanish. It’s a landlocked country which it became after it lost the pacific coast during the war of the pacific at around 1879-1884. The territory was lost to Chile. Bolivia an amusing country has two capitals unlike any other country in the world. The two capitals are Sucre and the La Paz which are the constitutional and the administrative capitals respectively. The most amazing fact about Bolivia is that it’s the most peaceful country in Latin America despite being the poorest.


Interesting facts about Bolivia


1. The main exporter of Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are fruitlike pods that are harvested in the forest by the means of collecting or chopping from tall trees especially in the times of the rainy season. Other countries like Peru and Brazil also harvest them but Bolivia beats all of them by exporting them to Europe and the United States of America.

2. Sale of dead animals on the streets

Bolivian citizens are traditional in the sense that they believe that offering sacrifices to Mother Nature will in return bring blessings. Mother Nature whose name they call Pachamama is offered to dead animals as sacrifices which are normally sold on the streets of Bolivia. Imagine walking on a street just to buy a dead Ilama fetus very amusing indeed. Many homes have a dried dead fetus of Ilama lying down in the homesteads since they believe that they help in attaining prosperity, blessings, and luck.

3. Home to the palace of salt

As interesting as it sounds Bolivia is home to a hotel that was built with blocks of salt. These blocks built the whole hotel that is including the floors all its furniture and also the walls. This was done from 1993 to 1995 and it was named Palacio de Sal or what many people recognize as; Palace of salt. Beds and chairs are all made of salt so entirely the whole place which is a hotel which is all salty which in some sense is amusing and interesting.

4. The poorest country in South America

Political instability, insufficient education, lack of clean water and sanitation, low productivity in rural areas are some of the major reasons why Bolivia is as poor as it is termed. A country that is unjust and in terms of development it’s not making any progress at all. Many Bolivian citizens that’s about 40% live in extreme poverty this is due to lack of developments by the humans which leads or rather prevents developmental progress.

5. Has a prison that gives its inmate too much freedom

It is only in Bolivia where you can find a prison where the inmates are allowed to live with their families. They also use the money to rent to have their cells. Tourists visiting the prison are charged by the prisoners for their tours. This prison which is known as San Pedro has inmates who have jobs within it. Cocaine is also known to be widely sold within the prison and this together with the tour guiding makes the inmates earn good money and the freedom comes with the money.

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