5 interesting facts about Brazil

5 interesting facts about Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in terms of size in the world that is it comes fifth after Russia, Canada, China, and the United States. It is found in the continent of South America. It has been unique from the colonial times when it was colonized by the Portuguese in the sense that after independence it did not have any recessions or fragments of the country forming their states. This shows how the Portuguese language is prevalent except for some Brazilian individuals who are Indians.


Interesting Facts about Brazil

1. Brazil Wood

This is the name of the tree in which the name Brazil comes from. In yester years around 14c, it was known as brasile that is brasilwood which was the name of a wood that was red which was used especially in making dye.

2. Diverse Population

Clearly, due to its large population, Brazil has the majority of its population coming from mixed races. These races can identify themselves as white, the mixed-race and finally the black. The white in 2010 account for 47.7%, the mixed (mixed white and black) also known as mulatto tally up to 43.1%, the blacks equals 7.6% and besides, the Asians are 1.1%.

3. Catholic Country

There is no other country in the world that has its large population being catholic like Brazil. It becomes interesting when 64% of a countries population is devoted to one religion in this case Brazil. Other than Catholics Brazil has other religions which may include protestants: evangelical and Pentecostal protestants and besides a religion from Africa which is known as Afro- Brazilian.

4. An island full of snakes

Ilha de Queimada is an island in Brazil whose large population is occupied by snakes what an interesting fact! The snake Island as the locals call it is not inhabited by humans but rather the snakes. This makes it the most dangerous island since humans can’t set foot there. The type of snakes occupying the island is known as the Golden lancehead which also lives on the mainland but those on the island are conceived to be more venomous. This snake is termed as the words deadliest snake. The reason being they can kill a person within an hour. Few people are known to have lived there but every one of them and their families was wiped out. The number of these venomous snakes tally from 2000 -4000.

5. Leading producer of coffee

Unlike many other countries in the South, America Brazil produces coffee as its main significant crop. This production, however, has made it appear on the map in terms of its top-producing factor of coffee. Statistics show that 1/3 of all the coffee is covered by coffee production. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer. An interesting fact though, coffee in Brazil was brought and planted by a legend known as Francisco de Melo Palheta. Coffee seeds were not available in Brazil in 1927 due to the French Guianas governor who was reluctant to export the seeds. Palheta however as he was sent on a diplomatic mission to Guiana he was able to smuggle the seeds back to Brazil after he successfully seduced the governor’s wife. She gave Palheta the seeds secretly which he returned with home and coffee in Brazil spread from that time.

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