5 Interesting facts about California

5 Interesting facts about California

The United States has 50 states where California is one of them, and it’s located in the western pacific region. It has its capital city, which is Sacramento, and among the 50 states, it’s the one with the largest population. It is bordered by the following states; Oregon to the north, in the east Arizona and Nevada, and lastly to the south is Baja, which is a Mexican state. Its coast borders the Pacific Ocean. It has a very large economy such that if it were a country, it would be ranked as the number 5 largest economy.


Interesting facts about California

1. Has the world’s largest and tallest tree

It’s in California where the largest tree in the world lies, and its located in California’s Sequoia National park. This huge tree is known as General Sherman, and it’s around 1,487 cubic meters in, and it’s known to be 2000 years old. When you see it, its tall but cannot get nearly as tall as the tallest tree in the world. The tallest trees in the world are the redwoods, which are also known as the Sequoia Sempervirens, and they are about 300 feet, and a redwood tree that is the tallest of them all is the Hyperion which is estimated to be around 397.7 feet.

2. it’s the most populous state in the US

California has around 39.5 million residents who occupy an area that is 163 696 square miles, and because of this, it’s termed as the third-largest state by area. Research has shown that out of every 8 Americans you come across, one must be from California. Its population is bigger than that of most independent countries.

3. Its economy is one of the largest in the US

Being a state in the United States, it’s amazing how it has a large economy such that it is one of the top economies in the world. If it was a country, though, it would be ranked among the top countries to overtaking the United Kingdom. It has a lot of factors that help or rather contribute to its large economy. One of these is its central valley, which is the best agricultural region and helps in the production of many income-generating fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Many more factors contribute, starting from the world’s famous beaches to many more that have not been mentioned here.

4. it’s the home to one of the biggest film industries

Many fans of movies are all familiar with holly wood, which is a film industry where many of the films worldwide are shot from. This makes California be on the map of the world as the state where most of the films are done. It is this industry that has helped the California economy to grow since it attracts a lot of tourists who come to visit the TCL Chinese Theatre, home of Oscars, and the star-studded walk of fame.

5. it’s the third-largest state in the United States

The first two largest states in the US are Alaska and Texas, respectively, then California comes third, and this is estimated in terms of its area. By percentage, it covers around 4.31% of the US as it covers 163, 694.7 square miles. California outshines the other states for its large economy and population where holds a population of about 39 million people.

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