5 interesting facts about Canada

5 interesting facts about Canada

After reading the following interesting facts about Canada, you will start viewing it from a whole new perspective. The country is home to more than 37 million people and is divided into 10 provinces. It has a size of 9.985 million Km² which is the highest in the western hemisphere and the second in the world after Russia. It is estimated that Canada’s area is big than the whole of the European Union. Another interesting fact is that the country is covered with 10% of the world’s total forest. Also, license plates have a polar bear shape in the Northwest Territories.

Take a look at other mind-blowing facts about Canada that may surprise you.


Interesting Facts:

1. There are more lakes in Canada than the rest of the world combined:

Canada has so many interesting facts such as having national parks that are bigger than some countries. But the fact that approximately 60% of lakes are found in Canada blows up my mind. Since there is no official definition of a lake the Canadian government claims to have more lakes than the rest of the world. The number of lakes with more than 100 km² is 561. Besides, there are 31,752 other major lakes with an estimated area of more than 3 square kilometers. Besides, there are at least 2 million more unknown lakes with no sufficient data for recognition.

2. Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking city:

Did you know that 98% of Canadians speak either English, French or both languages? Interestingly, Canada has around 7 million French speakers when we focus on purely native. Only France has more French native speakers than Canada with over 60 million in total.

3. Canada is the most literate country in the world:

56.27 percent of Canadian adults have some kind of higher learning. Japan comes in second having more than half of its population educated. Israel, Korea, and the United Kingdom take the third and fourth places respectively. The literacy levels of Canada have remained to be 99% since the 1990s.

4. Churchill Canada residents leave their cars unlocked:

It’s illegal to lock your car in the Manitoba region where residents are outnumbered by polar bears. These animals often pose a great threat to the public. Residents have to live alongside them thanks to “save the bear campaigns” which restrict people from killing them. Chances of surviving if the bear attacks you are very minimal. However, an unlocked car can be your only chance to survival it doesn’t catch you.

5. The longest street in the world is Yonge Street in Canada:

With a size of 1178 miles (1896), there is no other street longer than that in the world. However, some people argue that Yonge Street is only 56 kilometers long as highway 11 takes over. Yonge Street connects the lakeshore in Toronto to the Rainy River at the Minnesota Ontario border. Yonge was announced as Toronto’s main street during the end of the 19th century. It draws lots of people downtown for business and entertainment from five other major streets.

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