5 Interesting facts about China

5 Interesting facts about China

China is a country found in East Asia and whose official name is the Republic of China. It was founded in the year 1949 from its former divided China, which was full of war between dynasties. It has a capital city which is Beijing and uses the Renminbi currency. It is led by a president who is the head of state. The current president is his Excellency XI Jiping. Today it is categorized to be one of the major world powers, and in terms of the economy, it is the second-largest in the world.


Interesting facts about China

1. Soccer was invented in china

More than 2000 years ago, soccer was played in China, but then it was known as Tsu-Chu. This name of the game meant kicking the ball. This was a game played by the military soldiers as a training exercise, and it involved players kicking a small leather ball using any part of the body except the hands. The ball was being kicked into a bamboo goal post that had a net strung in between the bamboo trees. It’s from this game that other games that were similar to Tsu’Chu widely spread to many parts of the world.

2. The most populated country in the world

With a population of 1,394,510,000, China has been ranked as the world’s most populous nation. Research has shown that the population of the world is around 7.7 billion, while that of China is around 1.4 billion evidently shows how China has many people. The majority of its population, though, live in the eastern part of China. On this rank of most populous, it’s followed by India, the US, Brazil, and Pakistan, and the other countries follow.

3. One of the world’s largest economies

The world’s largest superpower is the United States, followed by China, which is the second. The US economy has been proven to be $20.58 trillion in 2018, while that of China was $14.14 trillion. Its manufacturing and exportation have enhanced this economic growth in China. Many manufactured goods around the world come from China, and for that, it’s widely recognized for its manufacturing.

4. Has the largest manmade structure in the world

The Great Wall of China is a structure that has amazed very many people because of its height. It is has been proven to be 21,196.18 Km long. This wall was initially built to protect China’s citizens along the northern border. Its construction had started as early as 500 BC. In 1987 it was named by UNESCO as one of the world’s heritage sites. It is a wall that has also been categorized as a symbol that still shows the ancient civilization.

5. It’s the home of all Pandas

Any Panda seen in any part of the world today has its origin from China. There is no other country that owns them, and if they are in other countries is a result of China lending it to them. These Pandas are types of bears that are distinct in looks where they have black patches near the eyes and above the ears and all over the body.

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