5 Interesting facts about Delaware

5 Interesting facts about Delaware

Delaware is among 50 states in the United States found in the mid-Atlantic region. The state’s name originated from 3rd baron De La War, the first colonial governor in Virginia and Thomas West, an English nobleman. It is bordered to west and south by Maryland, east side by New Jersey, and north by Pennsylvania. Delaware occupies islands, a territory in River Delaware, and the northeast portion of the Delmarva Peninsula. Wilmington is the largest city of the state, followed by Dover as the state capital. Delaware is categorized into three counties, including the new castle, Kent, and Sussex County, located from north to south, respectively. New castle is urbanized, unlike the two southern counties that dominate in agriculture. Moreover, it is ranked as the second smallest state and the 6th least populated. Native Americans like Nanticoke and Lenape inhabited Delaware before Europeans explored the coastline. In 1631, Dutch traders colonized Delaware at zwaanendael.


1. Official state bird

Delaware has a state bird known as the blue hen chicken. It is a domestic bird, thus not among Audubon’s birds in America that consists of native world birds to North America. On 14th April 1939, the blue hen chicken became an official state bird. Several publications and political campaigns used the state bird as a motif. War men of Jonathan Caldwell’s that were recruited in Kent carried game chickens to war. People noted their ability to fight with the brood of blue hen. Blue hen involved in cockfights when they were not on war. Soldiers fought valiantly and were compared with fighting cocks.

2. The first state to ratify the constitution

Constitution drafting of the United States started on 25th May 1787. The constitutional convention met with a quorum for the time at Pennsylvania statehouse. The main aim is to revise confederation articles that ended on 17th September 1787. This was the day when conventions delegates drafted a constitution, adopted and signed to substitute articles. Ratification procedure of the constitution started and ended when Rhode Island State ratified. Delaware State became the first start to finish ratifying the constitution.

3. Shares border with Pennsylvania

Jeremiah Dixon and Charles Mason were commissioned in the year 1763 to check the border at the southern age of Philadelphia. Stone markers were put along the border by year 1768. Surveyors put new markers in 1840 after they disappeared. The survey led to movement of 714 triangle acre to west of arc and wedge line top from Delaware to Pennsylvania. Nobody lived in the wedge hence no laws existed. Bootlegging and gambling increased in the territory.

4. Does not have a national park system

Delaware is the only state in the United States without a national park. The natural beauty of wildlife and forest are showcased in national parks. However, others claim that there is a national historical park. President Obama signed a congress act to declare the site a monument in 2013. Its main objective is to preserve the colonial history of the state. Preserved stories include early settlers like Dutch, Native Americans, Finns, swedes, and English.

5. Official state bug

On 25th April 1974, ladybug became the first official state bug. Lady beetle assists farmers through feeding on pests that destroy plants. The insect eats at least 60 aphids daily as well as mites, scales, Leafhoppers, mealybugs, and other smooth-bodied insects. Other recognized official state insects are stated macroinvertebrate and state butterfly. Lastly, Ohio, New York, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts also recognize ladybug as a state symbol.

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