5 interesting facts about Dubai

5 interesting facts about Dubai

Dubai is one of the most populated cities in the UAE and the capital city of the emirate of Dubai. Found on the east of the Arabian Peninsula at the Persian Gulf coast and is the enterprise hub of West Asia. The famous city which began as a fishing village back in the 18th century and became a town in 1822 after 800 tribe members subjected to sheik than bin shakhbut rule. Also, Dubai is the main international transport port for cargo and passengers. You may wonder how the city grows fast in a short period; oil revenue is responsible for the growth. Oil is the second revenue that makes a place to grow after technology. The city is known as a central part of regional and global trade since the 20th century. Its major economy relies on tourism, trade, real estate, aviation, and financial services. This is an amazing city that you will wish to visit. Here are interesting facts about Dubai.


1. Experiences tropical desert climate

Dubai experiences a hot desert climate. The city experience has two different seasons of summer and winter. Summer starts in the last week of April and ends in October in the first week. Warm winds, hot weather, and high humidity are characterized during the period. However, it has extremely unpleasant weather due to high humidity. Temperatures become mild in summer, seeing that the city is close to the sea, unlike Riyadh and Kuwait city. Moreover, the temperature rises up to 38 degrees in the day time and falls up to 26 degrees at night. On the other hand, winter starts in the last week of October and ends at the beginning of April. The Winter season has good weather for outdoor activities.

2. City of skyscrapers

Dubai has no shortage of high buildings. The city is a global center for commerce; thus, it’s known for constantly developing new buildings.in the past 15years, several towers were ranked as tallest city towers. Nonetheless, the competition stopped in 2004 after the construction of Burj Khalifa. This building holds the record as the tallest tower ever built in the world. Many of these buildings reach the clouds hence called skyscrapers.

3. No taxes

United Arab Emirates does not charge taxes but has 5% VAT on goods and services. Local sponsors will help you to get a trading license. The economy of the Middle East earns 90% income through selling crude oil. For this reason, they do not collect taxes because they have enough to run the economy. However, other people claim that Dubai has indirect tax paid through high rents on residence or office. Tax is not paid to the nation but national.

4. Approximately 80% of the population is foreign

The United Arab Emirates is home to immigrants across the world. This is because the country prefers to work for the military or military. Its liberal society has attracted expatriates all over the world, including those in western nations. Most of the immigrants live in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is among the countries with a high percent of 80% immigrants and 20% for emirates. The Popular city constitutes 285% Indians, 12% Pakistanis, and 5.1% westerners. You can only apply for citizenship after staying for a period 30years and above, providing that you can speak Arabic and not committed a crime.

5. Strict ethics

Ethics involves defending, systemizing, and recommending right or wrong conduct. The city resolves questions of morality through describing concepts, for example, bad, good, vice, and virtue. The capital city is full of Muslims; thus, only non-Muslims are allowed to eat pork and drink alcohol. Additionally, it is an offense to hold hands or kiss in public.

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