5 interesting facts about Ecuador

5 interesting facts about Ecuador

Ecuador is a Spanish republic found in South America on the northwest. The country is bordered by Peru on the south and east, Colombia on north and pacific on the west. Its largest and capital city is called Quito. Ecuador has Galapagos Islands found in the Pacific Ocean and it is 620miles from the mainland. The main language spoken by the majority is Spanish as well as 13 Amerindian languages like Shuar and Quichua. The country has a diverse population with large majorities being mestizos, followed by European, Amerindian, and African. Ecuador is a beautiful nation with interesting facts from endemic animals to plants. Let us see the top five interesting facts about Ecuador.


1. Origin of iconic Panama hat

Panama hat is also called the Ecuadorian hat, which is a traditional woven from palm trees. The plant has strong and durable fibers. Ecuadorian hats are lightweight, light-colored, and breathable. Most people love to wear them during the summer. These hats came from humble regions of Ecuador in 1600 and became popular in the 18th century. They were worn in coastal areas of Ecuador as well as Andean. The nation started producing hats and shipping them to Panama and the United States. Americans working in California baking heat needed a quality hat to stay cool and protected. The unique hat is put in the UNESCO list to represent intangible cultural heritage.

2. Close to space

Most people think the cost point to space is Mount Everest but this is wrong. Earth is void and its rotation makes it bulge at the equator. For this reason, the equator is near space but far away from the earth center than anything. This bulge is big hence Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador is 1.5miles higher compared to Mount Everest. Peaks of the mountain are measured using sea level; Mount Everest is seen higher seeing that the bulge inside the earth shows seas are high.

3. First UNESCO site

Quito city also is known as San Francisco de Quito is the capital city of Ecuador. It is the second-highest city with a height of 2,850m above sea level. Besides, Quito is a world cultural heritage site for UNESCO. The city as listed in UNESCO during 1968. This area has a total of 320ha of land that is protected. Also, the location of the city was the former site of Inca city.

4. Place where Charles Darwin developed one of his theories

Charles Darwin was a biologist, naturalist, geologist who contributed widely in science evolution. Charles is one of the most influential in human history. He developed coral Atoll’s theory of evolution in the Galapagos Islands. Darwin claimed that the east most islands are higher and larger; they became smaller on further west till you had atolls. Moreover, active volcanoes are found in the east. This is similar to the Hawaiian Islands.

5. The first female president served for two days

Rosalia Artega Serrano is a politician in Ecuador who became the first female president as acting for only two days. In 1997, president Bucaram as unfit to rule. Artega as the vice president and Fabian Alarcon argued on who should succeed Bucaram. Artega insisted that she should be sworn in because she is the vice president. After two days, Alarcon was sworn in sand Artega had to resign.

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