20 interesting facts about Judaism Religion

20 interesting facts about Judaism Religion

As we all know, Judaism is a monotheistic religion born about 3800 years ago. Its beliefs are based on the Torah. Torah is the 1st five books in the old testaments: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. It is an ancient, ethnic Abrahamic religion that came from God’s covenant with Abraham, Abraham’s children, and their descendants. Abraham was the first believer in Judaism, and he was the founder of Judaism. That’s when polytheism was mainly practiced.

Fun Facts

1. Believe in only one God.

Judaism believes in only one God who is a supreme being, Creator of Heaven and Earth. They believe God is omnipresent, Omnipotent and omniscient. Satan is believed to be just an angel-like every other angel. God is, however, referred to by other sacred names used in prayers. He is commonly referred to as Hashem, which is Hebrew for ”The Name.”

2. Mitzvahs (instructions).

They are the commandments that govern the Jewish people and dictate their way of life. The Jews are well-adapted to the Mitzvahs and view them as life itself, just like eating, drinking, and sleeping.

3. Judaism began with the slavery of the Jewish People.     

The Jewish people were enslaved in Egypt. God sent Moses to free them in His name, which brought the ten plagues upon the Egyptians for their defiance. God then gave Moses the commandments to lead and guide the Jewish people, and they accepted the Torah as their guide.

4. The Commandments.

God called Moses to lead the Israel people from Egypt, where they were being enslaved. Moses at Mount Sinai, God gave him the Commandments as we all know the God’s laws to the people of Israel. They follow the Ten Commandments and also 613 commandments extra.

5. Israel is the Heart of Judaism and the Jewish People.

The Jews were promised a good fertile land after their slavery. Israel is home to Judaism religion with Jerusalem being the holiest city. The Jews hope to one day return to their homeland as a united people even though they are now scattered to all corners of the earth.

6. Denominations.

Judaism is divided into two main branches: Orthodox (traditional) and Progressive (also known as Reform).

Traditional Jews believe in following all the ancient commandments and rules given to them by God. Going against any of these rules is accompanied by consequences as one is guaranteed severe punishment. The prayers are conducted in the ancient language, Hebrew. They also observe the holy day of Shabbat strictly. Men and women are forbidden to sit together in the Synagogue. Women are not allowed to become Rabbis (the teachers in synagogues). They are not allowed to consume meat or any milk and use different utensils for dairy and meat.

Progressive Jews have adapted to modern times and believe that even women should be Rabbis and sit beside men in the synagogues. They also permit the recitation of prayers in languages other than Hebrew. They eat meat and take dairy products. They also do not keep the strict rules of Shabbat.

7. The Jewish Religious Symbol.

The Star of David represents the symbol used in the Judaism religion. The Jewish Bible tells how David killed Goliath. The symbol is displayed on his shield. The Star of David is used in synagogues, the flag of the state of Israel, and the Jewish tombstones.

8. A Message to the Non-Jews.

The Judaism Religion does not encourage others to become Jews, but it encourages others to live a moral life. They are expected to follow the Noahide

  • To acknowledge God, not to worship idols.
  • Not to commit murder.
  • Not to commit adultery.
  • Not to eat the limp of a living animal.
  • Do not steal.
  • Adhere to all rules of law.

The Non-Jews who follow these rules will be rewarded in the afterlife.

9. The Temple and Synagogue.

The Jewish people originally worshipped in the Holy Temple, where people came to worship at least three times a year. Animal sacrifices were brought during the prayers. The Romans brought down the second Holy Temple in the first century and the Jewish had to shift to the Synagogues.

10. The Kosher Foods.

Kosher refers to all the things that the Jews are allowed. These rules are called kashrut that identifies kosher foods. The most important dietary rules are:

They are supposed to eat meat that comes from animals that chew the cud and have split hooves. Pigs are exempted because they do not chew the cud even though they have split hooves. Horses do not have cloven hooves; therefore, they are not kosher meat.

11. Fish are kosher because they have fins and scales.

They include tuna, salmon, and mackerel. Sharks and skates are not kosher.

12. Milk is a dairy product, but it’s only a kosher meal if it’s the product of kosher animals.

Milk cannot be mixed with meat.

13. Kosher birds are listed in the Torah and include;

Chicken, geese, ducks, and turkey. Birds of prey and scavengers are not kosher. Only eggs from kosher birds are allowed. Any water animal without fins and scales is forbidden.

14. No insect is allowed.

They are not supposed to eat insects (any kind). They believe it is a sin to eat insects.

15. Jewish Practices.

Judaism practices are split into two parts: the Written Law and the Oral Law. The Written Law refers to the Torah, where the teachings are written down, while teachers of Synagogues teach the Oral Law. ”Talmud” is the name given to mean Oral Law and empowers believers with knowledge about Judaism.

16. What it takes to be a Jew.

One automatically becomes a Jew by birth even if he/she does not believe in Judaism or practices a different religion. One can also attain the Jewish status through conversion before a Rabbi (teacher)as long as one unconditionally accepts to observe the rules of law and, if he is male, undergo the rite of initiation, which is circumcision.

17. The Coming of the Messiah.

The Jews believe in a time when there would be peace, love, and harmony. This era is referred to as the time of Moshiach (Messiah). The Messiah is believed to bring salvation to the world.

18. It’s the world’s oldest monotheistic religion.

It was found nearly over 4000 years, and they believe in God, who revealed himself through ancient prophets.

19. They were found after the destruction of temples.

In 587 B.C, Babylonians destroyed the temple, and in 516 B.C, Romans destroyed the new church. After that, people started to worship local synagogues.

20. Persecutions.

It’s the only religion on earth that has persevered execution from all generations to date—THats through discrimination of faiths and beliefs.

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