5 Interesting facts about Christmas

5 Interesting facts about Christmas

Christmas is a festival carried out annually to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. It is observed on December 25 as a cultural and religious festival among people across the world. Christians celebrate it as religious while non-Christians as culture hence it is centered s holiday season. The old Christian story narrates that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. When Mary and Joseph came to the city, there was no room to sleep and so Christ was given birth in a stable. Immediately after the birth, angels proclaimed the good news to shepherds. Although the exact date is unknown, early church fixed Christmas on December 25. Let us review some interesting facts about this day.


1. Iceland has an old lady and 13 Santa’s

Iceland is a country on the northern island of Atlantic. It is also among areas with less population in Europe. Christmas preparation in Iceland starts 4 weeks before the actual one from December 24 u to January 6. According to their traditions, one candle is lit every Sunday until four lit on the 24th. The Christmas celebration begins at 6. Pm as church bells ring. Additionally, the 13 Santa’s visit children and give them a reward according to their behavior. Lads live in Icelandic mountains, and each one of them represents various kinds of mischief. The naughty ones are punished while the well behaved are given gifts. The lads put sweets and rotten potatoes inside shoes left under the Christmas tree, depending on how specific the kid behaved on the previous day. The mother of 13 Santa’s, a scary old lady, kidnaps naughty children and cook them inside the cauldron.

2. Japanese eat dinner at KFC during Christmas

Christmas has been celebrated by the Japanese in the last few years. It is not viewed as a celebration or religious season because japan has no many Christians. Moreover, Christmas in Japan is known as a holiday for spreading happiness at that religious festival. It can be compared to Valentine’s Day in the United Kingdom and unites states. Romantic Couples frequently meet on this and exchange presents. Also, they visit restaurants; hence booking tables on this eve may be difficult. Japanese eat fried chicken on Christmas Eve. Restaurants, including KFC, are ever busy during this day. People can order fast food at their local restaurant on time.

3. The song “jingle bell” is not for Christmas

Christmas songs are divided into various topics and religions. From 1930, 1940 to the 1950s, Christmas music has played a big part during Christmas. The main theme range from merrymaking, giving gifts, nativity of Jesus, and mythical figures like Santa Claus. Most music has season or winter subjects, and some are even adopted in canon. The song called Jingle Bells was composed of giving thanks and not Christmas. This song was written by James lord in 1857 and was supposed to sing in Sunday schools for thanksgiving.

4. Santa is capable of stretching time

The total number of children below 18 years around the world add up to at least 2.5 million. Santa has only a few hours to give gifts to respective houses. The average speed is below the speed of light; therefore, Santa uses relativity clouds to stretch time.

5. The first Christmas tree to be made was not a tree

The first artificial eve tree to be created was made out of goose feathered, which were colored green. This tree was made in Germany and spread around the world.

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