10 Interesting Facts about Kennedy Space Station Center

10 Interesting Facts about Kennedy Space Station Center

Kennedy space station is the place for people fascinated by NASA’s rich and exciting history and space exploration. Here are some interesting facts.

1. KSC holds the fourth-largest structure in the world

At the KSC, the vehicle assembly building is the fourth-largest structure in the world by volume. It is probably bigger than what you imagine and if you are searching for a great, unforgettable experience, seeing this structure is guaranteed to impress.

2. See where Apollo 11 launched on its famous trip to the moon

The famous Apollo 11 was launched in 1969, and perhaps you were old enough to remember this beautiful day. Moreover, the visitors describe historical importance when they launch complex 39.

3. The Kennedy space center big

The Kennedy space center is enormous, and the center covers 570 kilometers. Also, it means the space center is larger than dozens of big US cities.

4. 1.5 million people visit Kennedy space center in a year

The Kennedy space station is one of the most popular tourist attraction centers in the US. Also, the average number of tourists per year is 1.5 million except during the covid tough times was lower than the average number.

5. Since 1968, every Manned NASA space flight has been launched from the KSC

After the 1968 launch, KSC was where many successful missions were launched. In 1990 the space shuttle Atlantis was first launched at the KSC and many subsequent launches.

6. Programs

When you reach there, you will get a chance to participate in one of the many programs. Hands-on astronaut training and preparation for spaceflight.

7. Food

The KSC offers many dining and snack options. Throughout the center, self-service dining areas are situated. You get a chance to eat lunch with an astronaut.

8. Admission

You get a ticket to a visit to the US astronaut, and you also get a ticket with free parking and second-day free admission, plus a tour of interactive space flight simulators.

9. Events

Special events take place regularly at the KSC. A working shuttle launch is often ideal for visitors to see a shuttle launch up close. Astronauts also examine the space center frequently for special lectures. Check the calendar available on the KCS’s website (see Resources) for events that may coexist with your visit.

10. Shopping

If you have the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center, and you know someone interested in space exploration, the gift shop is a must-see. With more than 2,000 pieces of well-defined merchandise, it is the largest space-related gift shop globally. From pins and patches to NASA collectibles, souvenirs and gifts are abundantly available for recipients of all ages. You can even purchase authentically autographed books. Kennedy Space Center works as an online store and with a fraction of the store’s merchandise available for sale.

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