5 Interesting facts about Badshahi Mosque

5 Interesting facts about Badshahi Mosque

People also know it by its other name which is Emperors Mosque which tracing back to its roots was constructed in the year 1971 and completed in 1673 by an emperor of Mughal named Aurangzeb. It is located in a place called Lahore in Pakistan. It is a mosque that is well known for its best Mughal architecture in India. It’s also recognized for its primary attraction for tourists and a place for Muslim worship and prayer. As much as it’s a religious structure going back to its history, most people recognize it as having been more of a military base than a religious one.


Five interesting facts about Badshahi Mosque

1. It’s the second-largest Mosque in Pakistan

Not only is Badshahi the second largest in Pakistan but also it’s the second-largest in South Asia. Looking at it from the world level, it is mentioned to be the fifth largest. It qualifies to this level because it can hold as many people as 10 000 who only use the main hall for prayers and to top it all other 100 000 people use its courtyard simultaneously.

2. It Was the biggest Mosque in the world for more than 300 years

Some years back, Badshahi was known for its massive structure that no other Mosque possessed. It was not only known for its vast structure but also for its unique architectural and cultural heritage which reflected its home that is Lahore where it’s found. If one observes well the architecture on the Mosque incorporates elements kind of those that consist of Central Indian, Indian, Persian and also Islamic.

3. It was used as a military base

It was around 1799 when Lahore was overtaken, and within it, the Mosque was also captured. Since it was built as a place of worship capturing this structure disrespected its purpose. Those who took control used the Mosque to store their war ammunitions which included guns and also used the courtyards to feed their horses and even for their shelter. In

1849 when the British were also in Lahore they continued what was started and used the Mosque as a military garrison. The British rulers, however, tried to restore it to be a place of worship again this happened in 1957.

4. It’s a major tourist attraction

Every tourist visiting Pakistani wants to visit a mosque that was once the largest in the world. It’s one of Pakistan’s icons that has put it on the map of the world. Many tourists go to get a look at the Mughal architecture that has made the temple to be outstanding compared to others in the world. This architecture helps people to remember good old days when these kinds of architectures were being used. To conclude, Badshahi has attracted tourists as it represents the beauty and social importance of the Mughal era.

5. Has major historic architectural features

Most of its interior features include four minors that are placed at each corner of the Mosque, aisles or dalans that are placed on all the sides, the amazingly large courtyard which is square, a majestic entrance, and prayer rooms. The Mosque was built using burnt bricks which consist of lime mortar red sandstone and calcium carbonate. Many tourists come to see the above mentioned and not to forget the seven chambered prayer rooms.

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